Song was free associated during an improvisational meditation in 2001. Since I have thought the lyrics through many times, trying to relive the moment of conception and dial into the feeling and the meaning behind that I was singing. I also have hoped to be honest in my intention lyrically. I do not feel that I have misrepresented my original spontaneous flow, but that I have been able to draw out the actual content that I may have been reluctant to say then. I feel that the actual words now are closer to my intention in the first moment than the actual words I sang on that recording. Though the nuance emotionally and the way I played the original has its special place and I do not feel I can currently duplicate that musically, I think that this is the more true version of the song.


Its what I've been waiting for

what I been thinking about

what I been working on my whole life though

talking to you


what I read - what I done

what I said - what I sung

that I been and where I've gone for you

We've got to let love rule

well I've been breaking through

I've been waking up to

its where were headed toward

all been searching for

oh, been running down this dream for a long time

walking down the line

on the road again

Here I am living my life

There you go on living your life

I been staring at the sun

when you look in you can see

through the trees to my pantry

where I sit and whittle on the song

answers blowing in the wind

saw the sign, on the edge I'm living

oh won't you let me lend a hand to you

been seen stumbling and bleed

falling on my knees

sailing on the seas

oh following the bliss

got all I need in this kiss

good loving through all space and time

will you see whats happening to me

will they know whats happening to me


I've been touched by ecstasy

for I know I can achieve

all is inside me

this I can now let be

its free

everything there is I can see

everything there is I conceive

to by light

the galaxy is like

lays inside of might

luring you around your life

exceeding my mind


by John Michael Davis 2001



Verse 1

Its what I've been waiting for

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